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Laphroaig 10

Ahhh Laphroaig 10!  Give this one to your friends and also your enemies.  This is the Scotch my dad and I had after my college graduation in a motel room in Fresno, CA.  Everyone else in the room thought we were drinking poison.  The green giant fills the room with aromas of smoke, peat, creosote, and burning rubber.  It’s a campfire in your mouth but there’s a lot more to it – it’s oily, it tastes like medicine, but it’s also briny, and then it surprises you with sweetness at the end.  The smoky finish just keeps giving and giving, like the Energizer bunny, only it’s delicious.  Take your time with this one.  It’s not for the faint of heart, but give it time, and try to understand it.  If you’re buying Scotch, this is one of the best if not the best way to spend your $35.  Grab a bottle of this and if you end up hating it, give it another shot.  If the second shot doesn’t change your opinion then send me a message and I’ll gladly get rid of it for you.  A-

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Singleton 12

Here’s a good entry-level Scotch for under $35.  I bought this 50mL bottle at a local liquor store for $3 (not bad!) and I don’t know how long the bottle sat on the shelf.  I tasted this three different times (three small pours) and here are my impressions: Sweet, sherried nose, candy, sugary start and short but pleasant finish.  Really approachable and a good beginner scotch.  Very slight hint of smoke on the finish (but I could not get the same hint on my second and third taste).  Nothing to write home about, good for a beginner and not that expensive.  But for around $35 for a standard 750mL bottle, you’re probably better off buying something else.  B-

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