anCnoc 12

It’s been way too long!  So this is exciting, my first blog post since early March.  My 1L year is over and I’m back in downtown LA for my judicial externship which will last until the end of July.  Speaking of summer, now that I don’t have to worry about homework for the next two or so months, I do hope to upload my notes more often.  I’m opening up the Summer 2012 tasting series with a dram of Ancnoc 12.  I stopped by Wing Hop Fung, a retailer in Downtown LA/Chinatown that sells all kinds of stuff – bird’s nests, teas, fine wine (Margaux and Lafite!), and of course, Scotch and other booze – before my commute home.  And while browsing, I saw 50 mL bottles of this malt selling for $2.49 each.  I’ll just tell you that it’s probably the best $2.49 I’ve spent in a little while.  So here goes… I don’t usually pay attention to the color of the whisky unless the distiller/bottler states that the whisky inside is unadulterated with artificial coloring (Google “Scotch and caramel coloring” for more information).  Although there’s no such statement on the label, the color was the first thing I noticed – light gold that looks natural (or that they’ve eased up on the coloring).  The nose is promising on this one – honey with some citrus and just a hint of peat.  There’s also a briny note that reminds me a little of the Old Pulteney 12.  On the palate, the Scotch opens up with a real nice sweetness that gives way to some peat and smoke.  You know how the blue agave flavors in a good tequila taste crisp and fresh, well the Ancnoc reminds me of that.  This is a great summer malt and man, it’s complex and pretty good!  It’s smooth and light on the palate and it goes down pretty easily.  Consider me a fan of this malt and I look forward to tasting the 16 and the other bottlings if I can afford it.  43% abv.  This one gets a solid A-.

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